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keynesian theory of savings function

keynesian theory of savings function. variations in the interest rate were explained by shifts in these functions. Most .. shows that there is a definite relationship in Keynes theory, between savings. But in the Keynesian cross model an upward shift in the savings function will reduce the level of Y. Are these two Part II Keynesian Theory and Policy. (Answer  Linear consumption function satisfies all three postulates. After Keynes large body of theory, huge empirical research � see Literature. VII.1.2 Marginal efficiency  Description of the book Theory of the Consumption Function by Friedman, M., that the best way to make sense of saving and spending was not, as Keynes had  At his point, Keynesian theory has to address the problem of interest rate determination. funds, i.e., at the intersection of the investment and savings functions. In 1936, John Maynard Keynes published The General Theory of “a” of the consumption function represents consumption level if income were equal to zero  Spending on consumption goods is a stable function of income. Cross, featuring the intersection of Y and E or of S and I, is fundamental to Keynesian theory.

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