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rsync ssh key cron

. On Fri, May 21, 2004 at 02 55 37AM 0200, Pascal Nobus wrote This is the case - mounted Inetpub s windows-webserver on /mnt/web1 /mnt/web2, etc. - rsync this Using Rsync and SSH. Keys, Validating, and Automation. This document covers using cron, ssh, and rsync to backup files over a local network  Most important packages to install cron, openssh and rsnapshot. As I prefer emacs to ssh-keygen -t dsa -b 1024 -f rsync/mirror-rsync-key. move the public key  Chris Down Blog archive My LinkedIn profile My Unix My GitHub profile Securely automating rsync to archive sensitive files rsync via cron. How do I enable logging I m backing up a remote server to another computer using rsync. In cron.daily I have a file with this rsync -avz -e ssh Building Enterprise IDS Using Snort™, Splunk™, SSH and Rsync Rafeeq Rehman How to use password protected SSH keys in cron jobs Anybody who knows me rsync -avz --delete user /var/www/ /backup  The target server is configured for SSH key (no password) access only. I m using cron and rsync, and all of the commands work individually, 


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